Thursday, 31 July 2014

7 Long-Distance Relationship Worries

1. I miss them, do they miss me?
It's a given that in any close relationship where you are apart, you are bound to miss them; but the question is do they miss you just as much? If they say they do, then you should trust that they do. Unless you know something is wrong, you shouldn't think otherwise - stay positive!

2. What if someone better comes along and they prefer them to me?
Again, trust is a key factor here. You should trust that the other person will not stray and after all, they are still with you, aren't they?

3. When will we next see each other?
To solve this issue, you should make plans to meet each other before you have time to worry about it!

4. Is this working?
That is for you both to figure out. If one of you is unhappy about something, you should discuss it and solve the dilemma together. This will in essence bring you closer together once the problem is fixed, as it shows you both want to work together to make the relationship work.

5. Are they coping well with the distance?
Talk to them about the distance in your relationship and how they feel about it. Listen, show you care about them and that this matter is important to you.

6. Am I coping well with the distance?
Take time out to figure out your feelings too. If you are unhappy, it may be helpful to talk to your partner or a close friend or family member about this. Talking about the situation will relieve you and take a weight off your shoulders if you have been mulling it over for a while.

7. I don't want to lose them.
If you don't want to lose them, then don't let them go. Make sure you keep in touch and that you are both happy. After all, it takes two to Tango.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

White and Peach Striped New Look Summer Shoes - Review

A week ago I bought some new summer shoes after needing some for quite some time. I wanted something under £10 and would last me until the end of September before I return back to uni. So I went into New Look and found these pretty pair of slip-on shoes. They look a little bit like TOMS shoes, but the quality is nowhere near as good - as you would expect with the price of £8.99!


However, after trying them out for a week, they fit well and are very very comfy! Although, from wearing them, you can tell that they won't last for too long. My way of making them last longer is by wearing ballerina socks with them. These socks cover your toes, heels and soles of your feet, preventing the sweat from your feet transferring to your shoes, making them last longer!

If you have any questions or queries, please drop me and email (info is on the Contact Page).

Sunday, 27 July 2014

#sundaysayings (trois)

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"

- Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fitshion Fridays - Running Shoes

So this is the first Friday of my Fitshion Fridays, where fitness and fashion come together. Recently I got a pair of Karrimor running shoes (as shown below) and they have made a huge difference to the way I feel when exercising, making it much easier. From previously exercising in any trainers I could find in my wardrobe, these running shoes have been a worthwhile investment and I bought them at an affordable price (around £30) from The whole mens range for Karrimor's were also at a reasonable price too.

For my requirements, these shoes are perfect, but some people require extra support for their feet and ankles. This is where some other brands could be more beneficial, such as Asics and New Balance. They tend to have more padding and an improved ability to absorb shock, therefore giving your feet, ankles and knees more support.

If you have any questions or queries, please view the contact page and email me or click through on the links. Thanks!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Primark Patterned Top - Review

So I recently bought a t-shirt from Primark, I picked up a UK size 10-12 (I'm usually size 10) and took it home before trying it on. As soon as I got home and tried it on, I thought it fit perfectly and the colour and pattern really suited me. Often I struggle to get t-shirts that are the right length, being a relatively tall person, but this one, contrary to the image below is surprisingly longer on the body than I expected.

Although, after a couple of hours of wearing it, I noticed the section that goes under your armpit was cutting in and the section across the top of the chest was restrictive. It was as if only the length and bottom half of the top had been designed for a UK size 10-12 and the upper part of the top had been taken from a UK size 6-8. However, because this top suits me so well and because I felt relatively comfortable in it, I have decided not to take it back and to keep it. The material is very light and suitable for summer and it complimented my pale skin tone.

If you see this top in Primark, I recommend you try it on and make sure you can move your arms freely and can take a deep breath without feeling restricted. From trying it on myself, I advise this clothing is for slimmer body shapes - although relatively slim myself, my broad shoulders didn't help with the fitting of the top.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Travel Bucket List

So after watching a lot of programmes on travel and only having visited a few countries for the 19 years I've been around, I thought it was time to make a travel bucket list of places I want to visit. The best place to start was a map of the world and pick out countries I am interested in. To do this, using a photo-editor on my phone I took a picture of a map of the world and converted it to black and white. Then, I used a splash effect, to colour in all the countries I would like to go to (as shown on the image below).

USA - Canada - Bahamas - Cuba - Dominican Republic - St. Lucia - Columbia - Peru - Guyana - BrazilKenya - Madagascar - Mauritius - UK - Ireland - France - Spain - Morocco - Iceland - Croatia - Czech Republic - Austria - New Zealand - Australia - Philippines - Japan - China - Vietnam - Bulgaria - Italy - Indonesia - Ivory Coast - Malawi

From here, I intend to research the countries and choose different features and sights to visit within those countries and what I would like to do there.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

#sundaysayings (deux)

"A warm smile is the universal language of kindness"

- William Arthur Ward

So my question to you all is: Will you be kind today?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hot Right Now - Bardot Crop Tops

Bardot crop tops are all the rage right now. Personally, they remind me of Olivia Newton-John in the film Grease and they are brought back from the 60's and 70's into today's fashion. They suit those who have a prominent neckline and collar bones.

The photos above of Olivia Newton-John playing the role of Sandy shows her wearing high-waisted disco leggings and a bardot top. In 2014, bardot tops are back and worn in a similar way, but in a cropped style (as shown below).

Do you like this fashion trend? Are you glad it came back?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Coconut and Almond Shampoo and Shower Cream - Review

I recently bought Boots Ingredients, own brand, Coconut and Almond Shampoo and Shower Cream (as shown in the image below).

The shower cream says on the bottle that it is 'moisturising and hydrating'. To a certain extent it is. It kept dry skin that I often get on the backs of my hands at bay, but it isn't as good as Dove shower cream, which seems much more hydrating than Boots Ingredients.

The shampoo on the other hand was marvellous! My hair is like combination hair, just like you can get combination skin. I can never find a shampoo that does my hair justice without completely drying it out like straw, or making it seem slightly too oily. This shampoo on the other hand provided a perfect balance! Not to mention, both of the products make your hair and body smell amazing afterwards. If you shower in the morning, the scent lasts all day and if you shower at night, it gives you a nice refreshing feel before you go to bed. Although, whatever time of day you use the product, you can guarantee the smell will escort you off to an exotic remote island with palm trees and soft sand.

So if you want a temporary holiday that is decent, low price and a great experience - get these products!

Monday, 14 July 2014

A Walk in the Field.

Everyday I take the dog for a walk in the field round the corner from my house. From the moment we step outside the front door, until the moment we turn the key to get back in is a journey of relief, exhilaration and excitement.

Opening the door, embarking on a wander in the countryside, feeling free. The fresh air rushing into your lungs with the sun blazing down upon you, you can feel the UV rays scorching your skin and the gentle breeze breathing through your hair. Your warm fuzzy chocolate Labrador tootling alongside you. Yank. He's found something to sniff and he hurtles you backwards, nearly dislocating your shoulder. You yank the lead back, he carries on again. 

Walking briskly to the field, stopping every time to cross the road until you get there. You realise your dog needs the toilet. In the hope he doesn't do it on the pavement, leaving a thin brown splodge behind for others to tread in, you sprint down the little pathway to get there in time. You make it, phew! Before you know it, he's off to do his business. You dread picking it up, you put your hand inside the mini black bin bag and pick it up; holding your breath, picking up a log millimetres away from your bare skin whilst trying to keep control of your dog who is acting like a complete loony, chasing butterflies on the other end of the lead. You manage to somehow multi-task and put the full bin bag in the dog bin - whilst still holding your breath.

A couple of metres away from the dog bin, you gasp for air. Your red flushed face returns to your natural skin tone and you continue your daily stroll in the countryside.

As you dawdle down the open stretch through the middle of the field, your Labrador plodding on directly behind you, a swarm of flies gather above your head and chase you until they have completely dispersed due to the manic waving of your arms. That was until you realised that during this fresh skin hunt, one of the tiny midges somehow made it into to your mouth. "P.T.P.T.P.T.P.T", you say this sound the way a baby would say their alphabet, whilst your tongue moves between your lips to try and push the insect out of your mouth. "Pleeeeurghh", it's gone. Suddenly a waft of fresh poppies and daisies comes your way. You take a deep breath, embracing the beautiful smell amongst all the other shrubbery and wild flowers that surround you. 

After 30 minutes of your mini trek through mother nature, you feel a slight sweat coming on. The 28 degree Celsius heat is starting to become too much for you, never mind your dog with his huge coat of fur. You push on, humming a tune to yourself to motivate you to get the the end. You drag your self up the little path and out of the field. Your dog now tugging backwards as he struggles to keep up with you. Dehydrated and with a mouth as dry as desert sand, you encourage him to keep up. You prepare your keys half way down the road from your house, eager to get back just for a sip of water. Arriving at the front door, you drop your keys, fumbling around to pick them back up again. Your hand shakes as you repeatedly attempt to put the key in the door, then trying to turn the key, but the lock. Just. Keeps. Jamming. We're in!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

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#sundaysayings (un)

So I've decided to post an inspirational quote every Sunday to cheer everyone up before the dreaded Monday begins. I've named it #sundaysayings (if you hadn't guessed from the title of the post). This week, is my favourite quote of all time:

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain"

- Vivian Greene

Friday, 11 July 2014

On Trend: Women With Hairy Armpits!?

A lot of you won't believe it, but women having hairy armpits is actually popular! A lot of women around the world are rebelling against being 'perfect', by not ridding their bodily hair.

Cameron Diaz recently mentioned that if it is there, then it is is meant to be there for a reason, so it should be a choice whether women shave or not and not a hidden rule in society. With Diaz talking about this going viral, even Graham Norton brought the topic up on his show when Diaz was one of the guests. Since this, beautiful women are posting their hairy armpit photos all over social media, starting a new trend.

What is your view? Do you find it attractive? Or does it put you off?

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Engaged at 19

Most people are surprised, or even shocked when they find out that I am engaged. If anything, I find it amusing with some people's reactions and occasionally, upset with others' responses.

I met my partner on my second ever night in town with a group of friends. My friends and I had all agreed that this was a night out as friends and that none of us were planning to meet anyone. That was the aim anyway.

The first place we went to was Yates's, the first place everyone always goes to in my local town. We were all dancing and having a laugh on the little stage next to the dance floor, when a guy comes over and says, "We need to find you ladies someone to dance with", so he matched one of my friends up with one of his, and they started dancing. My friend didn't look awfully comfortable, so I got off the stage to check she was okay and before I knew it, the same guy who matched my friend up decided to match me up too.

Usually I would walk off and reject this kind of response, but for some unknown reason, this time, I thought it would be rude to walk away. So, I started dancing opposite this guy, next to my friend dancing with 'her guy'. As I was dancing, I kept glancing at him - I didn't know his name - we had both been introduced as "you're both 19, now dance" and all I really knew was that he was quite dishy. He invited me for a drink at bar, and another thing I would usually turn down, I agreed to, knowing my friends were close by.

We didn't talk about much really, he asked if I was a student, I said yes. With him assuming I was a student at the university nearby, even though I had recently turned 18 and was actually a Sixth Form student.

Not long after, we were moving onto a proper club over the road and whilst a few of us girlies and a few guys we had met waited outside for the rest of my friends, we all got chatting properly to get to know each other. This is when I found out they were all from the British Army. My first thought was "Oh dear, what am I letting myself in for".

On my way home in a taxi, I received a text from him. This very quick response made me speechless. We ended up texting all night until I fell asleep and we resumed texting from the moment we woke up the next day. After telling my parents about meeting him, they met him not long after and a few dates later, we made our relationship official.

He was actually one of the kindest, most genuine and thoughtful people I had ever met. He made me laugh, smile and feel good about myself. We were both very open with each other from the start and we are thankful for that to this day, as it means that we have built up a good relationship based on trust and happiness. However, our biggest battle from day 1, was his job role. Being a soldier isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle. When we met, he was actually due to go to Afghanistan, something he had dreamt about his whole life. Unfortunately for him, he was injured and a lot of issues got in the way, preventing him from going - but we were lucky in a way, because if he had gone to Afghanistan, we wouldn't be together now.

Leaving the army meant that he had to move back home, to Scotland. Therefore, we decided to see how our relationship went long-distance, when I lived in the south of England, the completely other side of the UK. At the time he moved, we had known each other for about 3 months. He came back to England to see me a bit over summer and so he could have his operation after-care, and I went up to Scotland to see him and meet his family.

Meeting new people has always made me go shy and quiet, ever since I was young. As I have got older and more mature, I have become less shy and in some situations (usually when noone knows each other), I am perfectly fine. But, who doesn't get nervous when you're meeting your partner's parents and family for the first time?

I am very grateful for how welcoming and accepting his family have been with me, to the extent where I class them as my own family now. Coming up to a year of being together, I went to Scotland to see him to celebrate our 'anniversary'. We initially were just going out for a meal at an Indian restaurant, but when we arrived, we were too early for the booking - this is when I starting thinking that being early was planned. We ended up going for a walk round the area, along the beach and down the harbour. This was at a time when the sun would normally be setting, but instead it was raining, heavily.

We stood on the harbour by the beach, looking out across the sea, with me complaining about the cold and rain. After a couple of minutes, I stood there wondering what on earth my boyfriend was doing on the floor so close behind me, so I turned round and said "What are you doing!?", and there he was, down on one knee proposing to me! Of course, I said yes - after all I loved him and he made me the most content I have ever been. Not long after, we went for a cocktail together at a posh cocktail bar, and moved on to the Indian restaurant (which we ended up being a little bit late for in the end) and had a lovely meal together.

After the meal, I called both my parents to tell them the good news - even though I was actually dreading their response! They were elated for me and it turns out my new fiancée had asked both sides of my family if it was okay before he went through with proposing anyway.

The next day, we posted our news on Facebook to let the rest of our families' and friends know. This is when more mixed feelings came through. The majority of people said congratulations to us and even though they were all surprised, everyone was delighted to find out. Others weren't so happy that they found out through social media or that someone else had found out before them because I had posted it on social media. But from my perspective, my fiancée had only met my parents and it meant that everyone else would have found out the same way - but unfortunately it didn't work like that and at the end of the day, you can't make everyone happy when you are unsure of how others will react.

On nights out now with my friends, we often all get talking to groups of guys and they accept straight away that some of us are taken. It makes me happy and relieved that those who we don't even know, accept us for who we are straight away. It amuses me some of the questions they ask like: When are you having a baby? Are you pregnant yet? and, Can we come to your wedding? All questions which I just laugh at, knowing perfectly well, nothing like that will happen for a few more years. And it also goes to show, there are decent people in this world, who aren't out to get one thing from a girl (we all know what that is).

2 months on from our engagement and we are both still a very happy couple. We make each other laugh, tease each other (often about each other's accents) and have banter. We have become best friends as well as a couple and even play-fight like siblings would. He is rejoining the army in a month's time and we plan on getting married and moving in together in 2017 when I have finished university. I am ecstatic that I did get engaged at 19. It was definitely the right choice for me.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Super Duper White Teeth

At the moment there is a battle of the whitest teeth. Celebrities are getting their teeth whitened so much, we are actually blinded every time they smile or open their mouths; but is this really the right way to about having teeth that look healthy? Or is it so extreme, that it is fake? After all, we don't want to end up looking like Ross Geller from friends.

There are so many teeth whitening products around at the moment, that a lot of us go off recommendation, rather than paying attention to the adverts that bombard us with biased information about our teeth. Although, from experimenting with a lot of teeth products out there and from experiences I have had, there are a few cheeky tricks I have learnt to get beautiful white teeth without them blinding anyone, or fading to a dull yellow:

  • The obvious - whatever toothpaste you use, whatever toothbrush you have, brush your teeth twice a day!
  • When you brush your teeth, lightly brush your gums as well. This keeps your gums healthy and reduces your chances of getting gum disease!
  • Replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months. You don't want to be using a toothbrush where the bristles are so bent, that you aren't actually cleaning your teeth and you don't want to have had your toothbrush so long that it has collected billions of bacteria from lying around in the bathroom. Every time someone flushes the toilet, the bacteria spreads around the room and yes, it does land on your toothbrush!
  •  Floss every other day - most people forget to do this and flossing products aren't actually that expensive!
  • Use mouthwash after every time you brush your teeth, it's not just your teeth that need to be kept clean, the rest of your mouth does too!
  • Use a toothbrush with a rubber or plastic tongue on the back of the toothbrush. This is used to keep your tongue clean and healthy. After all, you don't want bad breath do you? 90% of bad breath is on our tongue!
  • If you happen to have been a goof-ball like me that use to retainers and they still fit, after washing them like you normally do, spread a bit of toothpaste in them and wear them overnight with the toothpaste in. You'll be amazed about the results the next day, especially after you brush your teeth in the morning! 

I hope these tricks help and show that you can have beautiful naturally white teeth without turning to the fake side! If you have any questions, please email me at or visit my Facebook page:

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Make-Up Trend of the Year - Luscious Red Lips

Red lips are in right now and have been all year. We have seen celebrities fashioning the look, including Kim Kardashian, Keira Knightley and Angelina Jolie and many ladies out there have been trying out this look too.

I tested out this look a while ago and it took me a while before I dared to wear it out of the house. So, I tried the red lipstick look recently on a fun night out with my best friends in Northampton! Our Jazz 2013-2014 comp team also wore red lippy on stage - you can find this photo in my dance post:

The red lipstick I use is Miss Sporty, in the shade Malaga. It is good quality and lasted all night without me having to reapply it at all! It was also very good value, costing about £3. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for a bright pop of colour to an outfit, something affordable, or want to be daring!

What shades have you been wearing recently?
Send in your photos of your luscious lips to !

Monday, 7 July 2014

Dancing, Progression and Acceptance

Starting dancing at the age of 5, my mum wanted me to learn a sense of rhythm and beat. This is why she signed me up to start Ballroom and Latin dancing at a young age at Julie Lockton School of Dance. The same dance school taught Disco, Street Dance and Rock'n'Roll, so I took these up too. Not long after joining, I began to partake in competitions, grading and shows.

[The photo above shows me winning my first ever dance trophy, a blue plastic teddy bear]

At 11 years old, I moved house to a completely new location and I stopped dancing altogether. This was until I found a new dance club, DanceVybz. Here, I started back up with Disco and Rock'n'Roll again, along with Hip-Hop. After a few months settling in, I started to compete with Hip-Hop dancing, in solos, pairs, crews and teams. And, as Hip-Hop became more popular, less people were attending the other dance classes, resulting them closing down and with me stopping Disco and Rock'n'Rock again.

[The photo above and below is of the Hip-Hop crew I was in at DanceVybz]

Moving house was a difficult transition for me. My whole life got turned upside-down, with dance being thrown up in the air and having no idea if it would ever land anywhere decent. I have to say, that without a doubt, finding DanceVybz created a new stability for me and dancing truly made me happy; whilst other dramas of changing schools and moving house were going off like fireworks around me.

However, after a couple of years favouritism, judgement and being different to everyone else was taking its toll on me. This wasn't only at dance, but also at school and home. I believed I was surrounded by idiots, bullies, demons. In fact, I was probably depressed. When I was 15 going on 16, I was in my final year of my GCSE's. This is when change had to happen in my life. Dance was becoming so stressful and pressurised, that I had to leave and concentrate on my exams. I continued my life without dance throughout my A Levels, building up amazing friendships, a stronger bond with my family and even gaining a new member - my dog, Oscar!

This 2 and a half year break from dance repaired my life and a hobby that was originally the only thing in life that made me truly happy, became the main thing holding me back. After completing my A Levels, I decided to continue my education at university and during Freshers week, I joined the dance club.

My 3rd time round of starting dance, this time at 18, I did Hip-Hop and Jazz (a style I had never tried before). I have really enjoyed getting back into it and learning a new style, as well as making some incredible friends there. And, ever since I auditioned for the uni competition teams and got through, my confidence levels have been slowly increasing. It felt like a miracle when I received the news that I had got onto the Jazz and Hip-Hop comp teams, especially as I had never done Jazz previously. Although, I now knew a lot of hard work was ahead. The number of training sessions increased, as well as a compulsory circuit training class, to improve our strength and stamina.

Fortunately, this paid off when we attended the competitions; although we didn't win anything at Northampton University, we came 2nd in Hip-Hop and 3rd in Jazz at King's College London. I am so proud of our dance club, the teams, the choreographers and our team spirit. Without this, what we achieved would have been out of reach.

[The photo above is of the competition teams after we came 2nd and 3rd! - I'm at the back left, behind Sean holding the certificate]

[The Jazz team before we went on stage - I'm at the top of the stairs]

A month after the competitions, it was time to put forward manifesto's and start voting for the 2014/15 dance committee. To my surprise, I received an email saying that I had won the vote and had become the new President/Manager of the Dance Club. This opens a new chapter for me in dance, giving me the opportunity to provide others with the great opportunities that the university dance club has given me.

Feel free to comment. :) 
If you have any questions, please email me at:

Sunday, 6 July 2014

5 Tips to Successfully Lose Weight

Following on from the insight in yesterday's blog, Kenny Petrie reveals some tips into how to successfully lose weight. Best of all, no food replacements or strict diets!

1. Never Give Up
Always have determination and commitment. This will allow you to succeed where others will fail.

2. Have Reachable Targets
Rome was not built in a day, losing weight will not be done in a day either.

3. Have a Break
Everyone has bad days, so you will too.

4. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude
Positivity will keep you going, negativity will set you back.

5. Be Disciplined
Always put the effort in, whatever the weather.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

18st to 13st in under 2 years, this reader lets us in on their weight loss secret...

Dear JazzyPzazzy,

" I wanted to let your readers in on my story. With those who inspired me to achieve my goals, I am now becoming the inspiration to many others. Being the fat kid at school was never easy, not fitting in at P.E., not receiving attention from girls when all your mates were; or simply being too scared to go swimming with your class because you were the fattest in your year. At the end of the day, I felt side-lined. The main thing I seemed to have in common with anyone was a dream. Everyone has dreams, whether it is to be a footballer, a lawyer, or a gardener. Everyone has them. For me, I wanted to be a soldier - try explaining that when you are 18 stone. This is my story of how I transformed from an 18 stone boy, into a 13 stone man in less than two years.

It all started within a small gym in the Dundee Detachment of the Royal Marines Reserve. I had been training very lax for about a year when I got a stern talk from my uncle. “Son put in the effort, or leave and stop wasting my time”. These words reinforced that if I did not lose weight I would fail my ambition to be a British Soldier. I quickly began to pay attention, start eating properly and working hard. I pushed my body and my mind to its limit. The food I ate was simple, usually consisting of chicken, vegetable and healthy snacks. I also began to play sports more often at school and I would exercise at any opportunity. Within a month I had lost almost a stone, along with finding out that sports is a good way to de-stress! Within a year of starting to lose my weight I worked my way up to be one of the most respected members of the gym and I became known for never giving up. I represented my cadets in football and running, and I also went ahead with my army application. The female situation also changed, as I started to gain more female attention from time to time, albeit I was focused on my fitness. From here on, I practised the fitness assessments for the army and alongside the gym I would train, doing running and circuits in my own time.
By 2011 I had my army selection centre invitation and I went with the determination to smash all of the fitness tests. During selection I was credited with a good pass time, and I passed all the tests with a high score. That was three years ago. Today, I am proud to be a fit and healthy young man, who recently got engaged, and I am now on my way to achieving more great things. "

Kenny Petrie 

Kenny's top 5 tips to successfully lose weight will be revealed in tomorrow's blog. Keep a look out for them! 
Plus, if you have any stories you would like to share via this blog, please email JazzyPzazzy at:

My Current Top 10 Most Played Songs

10. Without Me - Eminem
Eminem is a classic rapper and one of the best out there. I saw him live at Reading Festival last year and ever since I can't stop listening to his music!

9. Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
A very old song and one with an amazing saxophone solo. I am planning on choreographing a dance to this song soon.

8. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
Reggae, reggae, reggae. Who doesn't love this song?

7. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons are a big hit in today's music and this is one of their most popular songs. I just can't get enough of it!

6. Close To Me - Caro Emerald
This is an up and coming artist. She has been touring a lot recently and is becoming very popular to dance to for Ballroom and Latin styles.

5. Gust of Wind - Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams is constantly releasing good music into the industry right now. This is song isn't as known and in a way, that's what makes me like it even more.

4. Firework (Katy Perry Cover) - Kina Grannis
Kina Grannis has become one of my most favourite artists. Her music is so relaxing and really good to chill out to.

3. Can't Rely On You - Paloma Faith
I love this song so much, that it is actually my ringtone!

2. Superstar - Jamelia
A song that was always on the radio when I was younger and a song I still really enjoy listening and dancing round the house to.

1. Soldier in the City - Aloe Blacc
Not his most popular song and he doesn't even have a music video for it, but it is a pretty good song to jam to.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Who Am I?

Probably a question most of you will be asking once you've arrived at this blog!

The simple answer would be 'Jas', a.k.a Jasmine Shearsmith. I am a second year student, studying Advertising and Brand Management BA(Hons) at Staffordshire University and a student representative for the course.

Although, just being a student is never enough. On top of this I have recently become the President/Manager for the Dance Club at my university and I have now decided to start blogging.

After writing a blog as part of a module in my first year at university, I thought long and hard about what I could write about that would interest others and would make readers want to indulge for a blog to be worthwhile. With a strong interest in fitness, fashion and lifestyle, the foundation of my blog was set and away we go!

Feel free to comment on the blogs, create discussion, or even share your stories.

If you have any questions, please email me at: