Monday, 14 July 2014

A Walk in the Field.

Everyday I take the dog for a walk in the field round the corner from my house. From the moment we step outside the front door, until the moment we turn the key to get back in is a journey of relief, exhilaration and excitement.

Opening the door, embarking on a wander in the countryside, feeling free. The fresh air rushing into your lungs with the sun blazing down upon you, you can feel the UV rays scorching your skin and the gentle breeze breathing through your hair. Your warm fuzzy chocolate Labrador tootling alongside you. Yank. He's found something to sniff and he hurtles you backwards, nearly dislocating your shoulder. You yank the lead back, he carries on again. 

Walking briskly to the field, stopping every time to cross the road until you get there. You realise your dog needs the toilet. In the hope he doesn't do it on the pavement, leaving a thin brown splodge behind for others to tread in, you sprint down the little pathway to get there in time. You make it, phew! Before you know it, he's off to do his business. You dread picking it up, you put your hand inside the mini black bin bag and pick it up; holding your breath, picking up a log millimetres away from your bare skin whilst trying to keep control of your dog who is acting like a complete loony, chasing butterflies on the other end of the lead. You manage to somehow multi-task and put the full bin bag in the dog bin - whilst still holding your breath.

A couple of metres away from the dog bin, you gasp for air. Your red flushed face returns to your natural skin tone and you continue your daily stroll in the countryside.

As you dawdle down the open stretch through the middle of the field, your Labrador plodding on directly behind you, a swarm of flies gather above your head and chase you until they have completely dispersed due to the manic waving of your arms. That was until you realised that during this fresh skin hunt, one of the tiny midges somehow made it into to your mouth. "P.T.P.T.P.T.P.T", you say this sound the way a baby would say their alphabet, whilst your tongue moves between your lips to try and push the insect out of your mouth. "Pleeeeurghh", it's gone. Suddenly a waft of fresh poppies and daisies comes your way. You take a deep breath, embracing the beautiful smell amongst all the other shrubbery and wild flowers that surround you. 

After 30 minutes of your mini trek through mother nature, you feel a slight sweat coming on. The 28 degree Celsius heat is starting to become too much for you, never mind your dog with his huge coat of fur. You push on, humming a tune to yourself to motivate you to get the the end. You drag your self up the little path and out of the field. Your dog now tugging backwards as he struggles to keep up with you. Dehydrated and with a mouth as dry as desert sand, you encourage him to keep up. You prepare your keys half way down the road from your house, eager to get back just for a sip of water. Arriving at the front door, you drop your keys, fumbling around to pick them back up again. Your hand shakes as you repeatedly attempt to put the key in the door, then trying to turn the key, but the lock. Just. Keeps. Jamming. We're in!


  1. your dog looks so cute! and nothing better than going for a walk in the fresh air

  2. haha I know what you mean... sometimes I feel like dinner is an option after I had a good serving of flies on the walk