Sunday, 31 August 2014

#sundaysayings (huit)

"Be the person that when your feet touch the floor in the morning the devil says "aww shit... they're up" "

- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Guess Who's Back, Back Again!

So, after 3 weeks away from blogging, I am back with a vengeance!

Having taken some time out to see my fiancee off to the British Army, focussing on learning to drive and spending time with friends before I go back to university; the last 3 weeks have been truly hectic!

Now the JazzyPzazzy blog is up and running again, you have soooo much more to look forward to! Including: A few more posts from the Health Mission, Autumn Fashion Picks and the start of my Fitness Journey. 

In addition, the blog recently got approved by etailPR, so there with be plenty of amazing blog posts working alongside them!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

#sundaysayings (sept)

After reading an article about the characteristics of people who are truly genuine, I learnt a lot from it. From being someone who selects friends by choosing genuine people to converse with, this is something that caught my eye. I don't go out of my way to find genuine people and when I meet a group of people, I'm not on the look out for who is the most genuine, but my brain subconsciously chooses to attach itself to people who are more genuine and then I go onto becoming better friends with them.

From the article I learnt one key thing that I do when I meet new people and I have found it is the ideal way to gain genuine friends, summed up in the quote today:

"Be proactive, not reactive"

- Jasmine Shearsmith

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Friday, 8 August 2014

The Health Mission - Ellie

Hiya everyone, I'm Ellie, a 19 year old, curvy, 3rd year student and I wanted to share my opinions on health and fitness and feeling good about yourself.

The "perfect body" is defined by the media as tall, skinny and tanned, but is this really healthy?

Does it really matter what dress size you are or is it more important to be healthy an active and happy in your own skin? I personally think that being skinny is far too overrated and people should feel beautiful no matter their size or shape!

As long as you aren't putting your health at risk, what is wrong with being curvier?!

The media is constantly posting pictures of the "ideal" body which in reality is often not healthy. Models put themselves through hell to be skinnier and spend dangerous amounts of time on sun beds topping up their tan, which can often lead to serious conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition and skin problems including premature ageing and more seriously, skin cancer!

I definitely think we all need to be aware of what is healthy to eat and how much exercise our individual bodies need to stay fit. Magazines and websites at the moment seem to be obsessed with "magic foods" like acai or kale, and fancy exercise like different kinds of yoga and variations of Zumba etc. whilst these may work for some people, they can be expensive or hard to get to and often not great for busy or low-budget student lifestyles. We all need to be reminded that "normal" fruit and veg and just going for a walk or jog is great too!

So everybody in the JazzyPzazzy blogosphere, eat good food, have fun exercising and most of all love yourself for who you are!!!

Ellie xx

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Health Mission - Intro

I recently came across an article (HERE) about the most photoshopped celebrity pictures, in which some photos really shocked me! I noticed in a lot of the photos, celebrity's muscles had been gotten rid of in order to make them look slimmer.

These videos show you what the power of photoshop can do to both men and women:

With the media pushing forwards a particular image for both men and women to aspire to, I want to promote a healthier, more positive image for society to adhere to. Not one that will lead to negative routes to get what is desired, such as magic foods, crazy diets, food supplements and medication/drugs that aren't good for you! 

So there will be a few guest posts over the next couple of weeks featuring my 'Health Mission'.

Thank you to everyone who takes part!!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Jas' Fitness Journey - Preparation

When The Fitness Journey Starts
The beginning of September!

My Goals
1. To become more toned.
2. To eat healthier.
3. Stay hydrated.
4. Eat more regularly.
5. Reduce stress.

How I Will Show My Progress
I will show my progress with photos, workouts and with what I eat.

My Current Fitness Levels
Between September 2013 and April 2014 I danced 3-4 times per week varying from 30 minutes to 4 hours of dancing different styles.

Since April 2014 I moved back home for the summer and pretty much stopped exercising altogether. I have lacked motivation due to the environment I'm in and finding it difficult to enjoy exercise. I walk the dog every day and that's what keeps me going. 

Below are the 'before' photos of this fitness journey. I want to put on muscle and become more toned. I am not interested in losing weight or getting slimmer, if anything, I would rather put on weight. As long as I am healthy, I am happy. 

Monday, 4 August 2014

5 Reasons Why Running is Rarely in my Fitness Regime...

1. It does havoc for my knees.

2. It's boring.

3. I'm a dancer, not a runner - I just end up prancing instead.

4. It is a mental obstacle I doubt I will ever overcome.

5. Starting up running properly, makes me feel awfully self-conscious.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

#sundaysayings (quatre)

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision"

- Dalai Lama

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I have been nominated!!!

The Liebster Awards 2014

Today I found out on one of my blog post comments, that I have been nominated for the Liebster awards. Liebster is German for sweetheart, love and dearest. It is like an online chain award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It's great exposure for those who are new to the game and It's a great way to get to know other bloggers.  To be eligible you have to have under 200 followers.

You have to be nominated for this award and I was so lucky to be nominated by Kiarna Lewis at Mama's Journey to Slim 'n' Curvy. This was such a surprise to me! Thank you so much Kiarna!

Once you're nominated, you have to answer the 11 questions and nominate 11 followers. Remember, they have to have under 200 follows to qualify for a nomination.

The Rules: 

1. You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
2. You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person that nominated you.
3. After completing the questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.
4. You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.

Kiarna's questions...

1. What do you blog about and why? 
I blog about fitness, fashion, lifestyle and travel.
Fitness - Because I enjoy being healthy and exercising, I love motivating others and I am a dance obsessive!
Fashion - Because I like to take an interest in fashion trends, even though the majority of the time I don't actually follow the trends myself! And, a lot of people in the fashion industry inspire me.
Lifestyle - This is a pretty open category, it gives me more choice in what I write about and it provides readers with experiences to read about, which they can directly relate to!
Travel - This is a recent add-on to my blog. I read a lot of travel blogs and after doing a little bit of travelling myself, I thought it was time to get stuck in.

2. What's your favorite blog post you've written?
This is such a tough question! I am passionate about everything I write about, if I wasn't then there would be no point in me blogging - but if I had to choose 1 post that I favour the most, that would be: A Walk in the Field.

3. How often do you blog? 
I blog every day except Saturdays. I have missed a couple of other days as well, but that has been due to having such a hectic lifestyle - bad blogger!

4. Where do you see yourself in a year's time? 
In a year's time I will be preparing myself for my final year at university and hopefully much more comfortable in this huge blogging world!

5. What's your most successful blog post?
My most successful blog post in terms of views has been: Engaged at 19 and my most successful blog post in terms of comments has been a post that went up just the other day!: 7 Long Distance Relationship Worries.

6. What's have you learned so far about blogging?
I have learnt that the blogging world is much bigger than I expected and that connections with other bloggers is very helpful!  

7. Apart from blogging, what else do you do? 
I am going into my 2nd year as an Advertising and Brand Management (BA Hons) student at Staffordshire University and I am the Student Academic Representative (STAR) for the course, I am also the President/Manager of the Dance Club at uni and I teach non-competition Ballroom, Latin and Jazz there. I am also in a long-distance (soon to be military) relationship with my gorgeous fiancee and I look after my lovely chocolate Labrador, Oscar, when I'm back at home! 

8. Do you enjoy blogging?
I love blogging! If any blogger didn't enjoy blogging, I'd be a bit worried!

9. What are your goals for the next 6 months? 
To settle back into uni life for my 2nd year, to increase the number of blog readers and followers and to have fun and get even fitter!

10. What social media site do you like the most?
Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.

11. What's your dream job? 
Not exactly a job, but to have a decent size business that provides stability.

Well that's my questions answered!

Now, It's my turn to nominate.

My nominations are: 

1. A Paige at a Time
2. The Fashion Fictionary
3. Eat, Play, Live
4. Through the Looking Glass
5. Reclusive Fox
6. Loving Life with Little Ones
7. The Recipe Resource
8. Calamity Jen
9. Minneapolis a la Mode
11. Fashion, Well Done

Answer these 11 questions: 

1.  What do you blog about and why? 
2.  How often do you blog? 
3.  When did you start blogging?
4.  What's your most successful blog post?
5.  What have you learned so far about blogging?
6.  What's social media site do you like the most?
7.  Apart from blogging, what else do you do?
8.  What are your goals for the next year?
9.  What do you enjoy reading the most? e.g. magazines, books, blogs etc.
10.  What is your favourite colour?
11. How long do you spend on blogging everyday?

Congratulations on your nomination everyone!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Fitshion Fridays - Manchester United Sponsorship

So with all the drama going on, with football players being bought and sold to different clubs, and Manchester United's squad being almost completely turned over by Van Gaal in order to become champions again, Manchester United have got themselves stuck into the middle of sponsorship deals.

Nike recently decided that they didn't want to be involved with Manchester United's sponsorships any more and decided to opt out of being on any of next season's kit.

When I saw this originally I was in two minds about it. On one side, I thought that Manchester United had really been kicked in the the teeth for coming 7th in the Premier League last season and on the other hand, I thought how stupid it was of Nike to let go of such a big team.

Nike is one of the largest sportswear companies in the world and with Manchester United being one of the greatest football teams of all time, you'd expect that Nike would have stuck with them. However, being hungry for cash, Nike has stopped all deals with Manchester United, giving the opportunity for another sportswear brand to invade and take over this multi-million pound opportunity.

ITV mocked Manchester United on social media site, Twitter, when they found out about Nike and Manchester United going their separate ways, but this came to bite them back when Adidas struck a £750 million deal with the football club. This really shut ITV and the public up, when they knew serious money was being dealt with.

Was this a situation worth being made a mockery of? Or has it gone to bite people in the bum? After all, Nike has lost out and Adidas are set up to gain in the next year or so to come.