Friday, 1 August 2014

Fitshion Fridays - Manchester United Sponsorship

So with all the drama going on, with football players being bought and sold to different clubs, and Manchester United's squad being almost completely turned over by Van Gaal in order to become champions again, Manchester United have got themselves stuck into the middle of sponsorship deals.

Nike recently decided that they didn't want to be involved with Manchester United's sponsorships any more and decided to opt out of being on any of next season's kit.

When I saw this originally I was in two minds about it. On one side, I thought that Manchester United had really been kicked in the the teeth for coming 7th in the Premier League last season and on the other hand, I thought how stupid it was of Nike to let go of such a big team.

Nike is one of the largest sportswear companies in the world and with Manchester United being one of the greatest football teams of all time, you'd expect that Nike would have stuck with them. However, being hungry for cash, Nike has stopped all deals with Manchester United, giving the opportunity for another sportswear brand to invade and take over this multi-million pound opportunity.

ITV mocked Manchester United on social media site, Twitter, when they found out about Nike and Manchester United going their separate ways, but this came to bite them back when Adidas struck a £750 million deal with the football club. This really shut ITV and the public up, when they knew serious money was being dealt with.

Was this a situation worth being made a mockery of? Or has it gone to bite people in the bum? After all, Nike has lost out and Adidas are set up to gain in the next year or so to come.

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