Friday, 8 August 2014

The Health Mission - Ellie

Hiya everyone, I'm Ellie, a 19 year old, curvy, 3rd year student and I wanted to share my opinions on health and fitness and feeling good about yourself.

The "perfect body" is defined by the media as tall, skinny and tanned, but is this really healthy?

Does it really matter what dress size you are or is it more important to be healthy an active and happy in your own skin? I personally think that being skinny is far too overrated and people should feel beautiful no matter their size or shape!

As long as you aren't putting your health at risk, what is wrong with being curvier?!

The media is constantly posting pictures of the "ideal" body which in reality is often not healthy. Models put themselves through hell to be skinnier and spend dangerous amounts of time on sun beds topping up their tan, which can often lead to serious conditions such as anorexia, bulimia, malnutrition and skin problems including premature ageing and more seriously, skin cancer!

I definitely think we all need to be aware of what is healthy to eat and how much exercise our individual bodies need to stay fit. Magazines and websites at the moment seem to be obsessed with "magic foods" like acai or kale, and fancy exercise like different kinds of yoga and variations of Zumba etc. whilst these may work for some people, they can be expensive or hard to get to and often not great for busy or low-budget student lifestyles. We all need to be reminded that "normal" fruit and veg and just going for a walk or jog is great too!

So everybody in the JazzyPzazzy blogosphere, eat good food, have fun exercising and most of all love yourself for who you are!!!

Ellie xx


  1. Lovely post, and all so true. I think being comfortable and confident in your own skin is so important to your mental, as well as your physical well being.


  2. Fads come and go, I feel sorry for people who get sucked into buying the latest thing just because a celeb or magazine says so.