Tuesday, 29 July 2014

White and Peach Striped New Look Summer Shoes - Review

A week ago I bought some new summer shoes after needing some for quite some time. I wanted something under £10 and would last me until the end of September before I return back to uni. So I went into New Look and found these pretty pair of slip-on shoes. They look a little bit like TOMS shoes, but the quality is nowhere near as good - as you would expect with the price of £8.99!


However, after trying them out for a week, they fit well and are very very comfy! Although, from wearing them, you can tell that they won't last for too long. My way of making them last longer is by wearing ballerina socks with them. These socks cover your toes, heels and soles of your feet, preventing the sweat from your feet transferring to your shoes, making them last longer!

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