Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Travel Bucket List

So after watching a lot of programmes on travel and only having visited a few countries for the 19 years I've been around, I thought it was time to make a travel bucket list of places I want to visit. The best place to start was a map of the world and pick out countries I am interested in. To do this, using a photo-editor on my phone I took a picture of a map of the world and converted it to black and white. Then, I used a splash effect, to colour in all the countries I would like to go to (as shown on the image below).

USA - Canada - Bahamas - Cuba - Dominican Republic - St. Lucia - Columbia - Peru - Guyana - BrazilKenya - Madagascar - Mauritius - UK - Ireland - France - Spain - Morocco - Iceland - Croatia - Czech Republic - Austria - New Zealand - Australia - Philippines - Japan - China - Vietnam - Bulgaria - Italy - Indonesia - Ivory Coast - Malawi

From here, I intend to research the countries and choose different features and sights to visit within those countries and what I would like to do there.

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