Friday, 25 July 2014

Fitshion Fridays - Running Shoes

So this is the first Friday of my Fitshion Fridays, where fitness and fashion come together. Recently I got a pair of Karrimor running shoes (as shown below) and they have made a huge difference to the way I feel when exercising, making it much easier. From previously exercising in any trainers I could find in my wardrobe, these running shoes have been a worthwhile investment and I bought them at an affordable price (around £30) from The whole mens range for Karrimor's were also at a reasonable price too.

For my requirements, these shoes are perfect, but some people require extra support for their feet and ankles. This is where some other brands could be more beneficial, such as Asics and New Balance. They tend to have more padding and an improved ability to absorb shock, therefore giving your feet, ankles and knees more support.

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