Monday, 1 September 2014

The Health Mission - Kenny

Dear Jazzypzazzy,

               As you may well remember I wrote a piece a month or so ago, illustrating and explaining the transformation I made, when I lost 5 stone in body weight.  Having read one of your latest blog posts, I have decided to write back again to give you my opinion on the use of supplements, and whether or not the media pushes the public to be skinny rather than fit and healthy.  Please be aware that these are my opinions, and that others reader can challenge these opinions as they see fit.

First of all the use of supplements can have both a positive and negative impact.  People use supplements to enhance muscle growth, and to also help muscle recovery times.  Supplements can also be used to increase carbs into the body if the person cannot eat full meals at regular times.  

Before I joined the British Army I worked on a building site and relied upon whey protein and carbs supplements to ensure I performed my best at my gym classes. However on social media sites such as Facebook over the last few months, adverts for supplements such as Juice Plus and Herbal Life have been increasing. 

Fundamentally people who are ignorant to these supplements believe that these are easy weight loss techniques that require little effort except to drink these shakes. Although, truth be told, in order to get fit and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle requires dedication and determination. Having these shakes may make you lose weight but you are essentially starving your body and any weight you lose will come back on when the person starts to eat normally again - you will not get any fitter without working out.

Getting fit is the person’s prerogative and this will only happen if the person puts in the time and effort.  There is no point wasting your money on a simple solution that people believe requires no effort.  


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