Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Jas' Fitness Journey - Week 1

So I started my fitness journey yesterday and did quite a small workout, consisting of:

5 full press-ups
10 press-ups on knees
10 sit-ups
10 crunches
10 bicycle crunches (per leg)
1 minute of mountain climbs

After the workout I felt normal and the next day my shoulders were aching slightly (I think this was also due to moving into my new flat recently!)

Then a few hours later I went to the dance studio to do choreography and danced for 2 hours and ended up walking with friends to Wetherspoons and the shops. Without a doubt, straight after dancing, the pain of exercising has hit me all the way through my legs - I feel like a penguin that is trying to walk like a human! My legs will most likely feel like jelly tomorrow and the day after, but I will keep pushing on to try and improve my fitness levels.

However, even if my fitness improves, to meet my goals (HERE), I need to eat healthier and more regularly. To start this off, I bought lots of fruit as snacks, porridge for breakfast and I have given up alcohol again at uni (yes, I managed to do this last year too!).

To help me keep track of my workouts and how well I am doing, I downloaded a fitness app called Fitocracy. Here, you simply record what exercises you have done in your workout and gain points for everything you record. The more points you get, the higher the level you attain and so far I have managed to reach level 3 already! Great motivation to continue exercising!

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