Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fitness Age - Fitness Test

Women's Health recently posted on their website an article and fitness test based around your fitness age. Norwegian researchers created this test that asks you a few questions to determine whether you are healthy and fit for what your average age fitness should be.

The article is here:

(The link for the test is about halfway down the page of the article)

My results are shown below!

VO2 is how much oxygen your body uses during exercise and how fit you are. This result is important, as it could be 'a matter of life and death'. If you are unfit for your age, your life expectancy decreases dramatically.

If you have average or above average VO2 levels, your chances of dying prematurely are at lower risk and your chances of getting cardiovascular disease are much lower too.

Fortunately is you score is bad for your age, by increasing your fitness levels, your fitness age can reduce!

Well... let's see how I get on when I reach my 20's!

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