Thursday, 11 September 2014

Jas' Fitness Journey - Week 2

So after a great start to last week, this week is filled with even more fitness, healthy food and energy!

My last post was written on a Tuesday and involved how I started the fitness journey, you can read more about that HERE. So what have I done since?

Wednesday and Thursday - I went food shopping! 
This involved buying plenty of fruit, healthy snacks and substantial meals that I know would make me want to eat the full 3 meals a day instead of skipping meals here there and everywhere. It sounds pretty awful that I skip meals, but with a busy lifestyle and being used to not eating breakfast most days, it has become a truly horrific habit. Especially considering breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.

Friday - Intense 20 minute workout
This involved a whole long list of exercises:
Jogging (on the spot)
Heel Flicks/Butt kicks
Jumping Jacks
Cross Jacks
Back Lunge to High Knee
Skater Kicks
Full Body Bridge Raises
Single Leg Bridge Raises
Boxing Jabs and Kicks
30 Second Plank
Mountain Climbs
Leg Raises
Lunge with Twist
'Inchworm' Press-Ups (on knees)

..... I did say it was a long list!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday - I saw lots of family and moved the rest of my stuff (basically everything), into my flat!

Tuesday and Wednesday - FOOD!
The last couple of days, I have been focussing on making sure I have been eating 3 meals a day and I have been getting in the routine of taking supplements. Not any old supplements and not to replace meals, but because I need to make sure my body is getting the right nutrients. As a result, I have been taking multi-vitamin and mineral tablets daily and Spatone, an iron supplement daily. This is because a crappy student diet doesn't fulfil everything that my body needs.

As a result, this has actually stopped me feeling as drowsy during the day and has meant that my body can last from when I get up until I go to sleep without wanting to fall asleep at several times during the day due to lack of nutrients!

Thursday - Today...
I have been in a meeting pretty much all day - I had an early start, getting up at 7am and I will be off to dance and do some choreography for a couple of hours soon!

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